“I had reflexology sessions with Liz during my second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Not only was the experience incredibly relaxing, enabling me to cope with the stresses of work and general tiredness, I also feel it was really beneficial for my physical well-being. During my final few months of pregnancy I didn’t get unwell and managed to avoid lots of viruses that were going around. I strongly believe this was linked to the reflexology. Finally, during my last two weeks of pregnancy, Liz took steps to try and facilitate a labour so I could avoid being too overdue and I was very happy to go into labour the day after my due date! I will definitely have reflexology with Liz if I’m lucky enough to get pregnant again and would highly recommend it for both mental and physical well-being!”


“I did not realise the power of Reflexology until I started my treatments with Liz. In the past I had tried Reflexology but had never really relaxed properly. After becoming pregnant with my first child I started seeing Liz fortnightly. She knew all about areas of the body that needed extra attention during pregnancy and would always ask me if there was any area I would like there to concentrate on. Liz has such a calming manner that instantly makes you relax. I still believe that both my natural births were down to the healthy body and mind that was achieved through Liz. She is a lady with magic hands and I cannot recommend her enough!”


“When I was pregnant with my second child, Liz treated me from around 6 months pregnant as I was struggling with sleeping, carrying a large bump and SPD, and I can honestly say that she was absolutely amazing. I looked forward to our weekly appointments and was guaranteed to feel relaxed and comfortable every time she treated me. I also called her when I was just over 1 week overdue and my baby arrived the very next day – I’m convinced it was down to Liz. If you are looking for a therapy that relaxes or helps during and/or after pregnancy, I would thoroughly recommend Liz. She’s a reflexology angel!”


“I have been a client for many years. The therapy is always extremely relaxing. From working at a desk for many years my muscles have stiffened, the massages help to free up my movement and give a sense of wellbeing. I’d highly recommend them.”


“Liz has been an important part of our family health for many years. Initially experiencing the health benefits from her reflexology service, I also learned baby massage from Liz and that was a really enjoyable part of bonding with my first child. My husband and I also really benefit from the shiatsu massages which Liz offers. Although we were both initially sceptical that clothed massage would be as relaxing as traditional massage, we are now real converts to Liz’s clothed shiatsu. Maybe it’s the technique, but I think that Liz also has a particular gift for offering this kind of healing and relaxation process. She creates a safe space and we can highly recommend her for reflexology, baby massage lessons and shiatsu.”


“I started having shiatsu treatments as I was experiencing pain from a bulging disc in my lower spine. The pain was not just physically draining but was having an effect on my mental wellbeing as well. After a shiatsu session with Liz I feel all the anxieties, stress and tension disappear. Liz has a wonderful nature and makes you feel very welcome and relaxed.”


“I met Liz in May 2015 when I had an injury to my hamstring. I asked my Yoga teacher advice and she recommended Liz a reflexologist to me! She said that sometimes reflexology can reach places that other methods don’t. So I thought I would give it a try. Once I had had a couple of treatments I soon realised that I was carrying a lot of stress and that this was part of the cause to my injury.
I had a few treatments and quickly new how much I needed this. Liz transported me to a state of relaxation that I didn’t know I could get to. The hour that I have with Liz is really wonderful, from the minute she arrives to when she leaves. She puts you at ease straight away and is very proffessional. As for the treatment, you just lie back and enjoy the experience and the benefits of it continue to carry on working days after. My injury has healed but periodically I will call on Liz to come back for a treatment. I have definitely felt the benefits and highly recommend her.”


“A shiatsu massage from Liz is ultra-relaxing, and therapeutic. She uses just the right amount if pressure, and she is knowledgeable, careful, and very attentive to any concerns you have, or areas you want her to focus on. Shiatsu is completely ‘non-invasive’, but it gets to the heart and I always know I’ll feel better when I leave than when I arrive. I recommend Liz without hesitation.”


“I initially thought I’d give reflexology a try after I’d lost a close relative and was looking for a good way to relax and treat myself with kindness. Literally the first session I had with Liz I knew immediately I’d found the perfect way to relax. I find my reflexology treatments to be like a deep meditation and the feeling and benefits carry on long after I’ve had my hour. I genuinely would recommend to anyone looking to find a little calm and ‘me time’ in their weekly routine. My only complaint would be that I can’t have a treatment every day!”


“Liz is a warm, kind person who always puts me at ease. There have been quite a few times when aches and pains I have had have disappeared a few days after going to her for a massage.”


“I have been having reflexology treatments with Liz for 5 years now. I have a long term chronic condition and the reflexology helps me manage energy levels and stress. I find I relax completely from the start of the treatment as Liz is kind and calm herself and the session gives me the chance to step back from responsibilities and rest completely in a safe place. The treatment helps to balance my energy levels which are affected by the seasons so I have a course of treatment around the equinoxes. I was encouraged when I first met Liz that she didn’t suggest she could cure me as sadly other therapies sometimes do, but rather she could help me manage the symptoms of my condition.”


“My partner and I have had reflexology treatments from Liz over several years, and she has supported me throughout two pregnancies. We love that she does home visits, and that she is so flexible and reliable when it comes to making appointments. Liz has always put us at complete ease with her friendly manner, and consistently leaves us feeling wonderfully relaxed and refreshed. Liz’s treatments are the perfect tonic to a stressful working week, and have been an excellent gift for family and friends. During my pregnancies, her treatments have definitely helped with morning sickness, tiredness, anxiety and of course, aching feet and legs. I am always happy to recommend Liz and others have always been impressed with their experience.”


“I have found Liz to be an accomplished and effective shiatsu practitioner. Her skills have given me much support during a difficult period.”


“I broke my wrist in 2007 and it was repaired satisfactorily but the plaster had restricted my circulation and left the fingers numb. A friend suggested that shiatsu therapy might help restore the circulation. I also had anxiety/nervous problems at the time. Panic disorder I think.

I looked on the register of qualified/certified practitioners and I approached Liz (she was the nearest!) and she started giving me Shiatsu treatments.

A year or so later I had surgery for bowel cancer and we switched to reflexology. It was more convenient and I think more suitable for periods of convalescence. We have continued with reflexology ever since. Her skills are well honed through much experience of her craft for which she has full qualifications. The treatments are therapeutic and beneficial to the circulatory systems. They are calming and as I understand it a general “tune-up” of the body’s various organs. Liz’ treatments are effective and tangible in that I often feel that areas of stress are being dissipated in my system as she addresses various pressure points.

But Liz is also a nice person. Professional and friendly, I believe she does genuinely care about her patients (if that is the right word). She keeps up to date with my life events and can often offer helpful advice. She is never moody and is always polite.

I was impressed that she visited me in hospital to give me reflexology treatments. So she is prepared to put herself out. Surely the best testimony though must be that she is still giving me treatments today after eight years.”


“After several of us had visited Liz for pregnancy reflexology and loved our treatments with her, our NCT group decided to hire Liz to train us in baby massage for our newborns. Liz came to our homes at a time that suited us and was very flexible around school holidays etc. She brought everything needed including really useful booklets that are great to refer to when doing massage on our own.
The classes were peaceful and relaxing with Liz going at a pace that was easy to follow and learn and also soothing for the babies. All the babies loved the classes and many slept better that night than usual! The mum’s loved it too as it was great for us all to get together and spend quality time with our little ones and each other. Would highly recommend hiring Liz to run a baby massage course if you want to learn how to do this well, bond with your baby and spend time with other mums.”

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